our promise to you

Always safe, science-backed and sustainably sourced skincare.

We care about our environmental impact across our business.

Minimising the use of chemically synthesised ingredients, supporting animal protecting initiatives and making most of our packaging fully recyclable.

And we’re always striving to do better where we can.

transparency with provenance

Now we’re making this even clearer, with the help of Provenance®.

Provenance® is the global leader in sustainability marketing technology, existing to drive positive change through transparency.

Protecting shoppers from greenwashing using their Proof Point technology, connecting ‘green’ claims to evidence from the supply chain or third-party verification.

See Meder Beauty's full profile on the Provenance® beauty directory.

what are proof points?

Next to products you’ll find Proof Points which are interactive icons representing a claim about a business or product.

Each Provenance-powered claim is backed up with evidence or third-party verification, that you can easily click through and read to learn more about the social and environmental impact.

Ultimately empowering your shopping experience.

“We’re excited to start our partnership with Provenance® — it’s really a new way to clearly communicate the safety of our products and the impact we as a brand have on the environment.”

— Dr Tiina Meder

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